Merz Law renders legal services to an international clientele, mainly individuals and medium-sized companies from all over Europe, especially from Andorra, Gibraltar, Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain and UK as well as Dubai, The United Emirates and Asia.

Our clients require assistance with their private and business issues in Spain and abroad.

Clients of Merz Law Firm Marbella

Client companies are e.g.:

· Recruiting workforce
· Construction companies
· Mechanical Engineering Companies
· Trading companies

They are seeking advice e.g. on:

· Business Start-up
· Constructing
· Financing
· Divorce & Inheritance
·(German & Spanish connection)
· Investment & Successions to Spanish real estate
· Purchase of property
· Tax matters

Gisela R. Merz is also consulted by German courts for her legal expertise.